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DIY Brides

You are making memories for a lifetime ...  Why not make the flowers too?

Knowing that the blooms you hold is your own creation, your vision and your effort.   Making one's own wedding bouquet and arrangements is a beautiful expression of a bride's spirit, style, and attitude, but finding the time and tending to the details can sometimes be overwhelming.  Farmhouse Flower Studio can make it easy--providing the locally-grown cut flowers and needed supplies then storing and delivering the hand-made arrangements as needed--so that brides can truly enjoy making their own wedding flowers without the burden of tending to all of the details.

Brides can also consider a new kind of bridal party where you and your friends come together with food and wine and  create the arrangements for your Big Day.  Farmhouse Flower Studio will take care of the rest--supplies, storage, and delivery.  Then imagine your wedding day and being surrounded by the flowers that you, your friends and family created--giving a whole new meaning to "my wedding flowers."  

A Farmhouse Flower Studio bridal party also makes a memorable, and meaningful, gift!